AGAPE GLOBAL LIFE CARE FOUNDATION is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) In Nigeria

with a Global Life Care Focus on Providing Life Care To Humanity through Child and Health Care Services, Family Development, Youth and Women Empowerment Programme.

Motto: The Lord’s Mighty Power Does It!

Agape Global Life Care Foundation (AGLICAF) is a vision of Evang Jude S. C. Asogwa , His wife Judith and their friends who are committed to providing Life Care services to humanity. AGLICAF was established in 2008  and has since been adding value to lives . The major projects of AGLICAF include FAMILY DEVELOPMENT AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAME.

One of the Family development programmes include SAVE THE FAMILY PROJECT focused on Family Reconciliation , Rehabilitation , Support  and empowerment while YOU HAVE A FUTURE is a special youth empowerment progamme aimed at curbing the menace of drug abuse , illegal migration , human and drug trafficking


  1. To provide Life Care to humanity in service to God through Child Care, youth and women Empowerment and Family development programme.
  2. To embark on Children Life Care Programmes which includes special care for orphans and less privileged children
  3. To offer partial and major scholarship grants to less privileged children in order to promote quality education among children.
  4. To render medical care services to children affected with HIV/AIDS virus, sickle cell anemia, malarial parasite Orientation, Diagnosis and Treatment by establishing health care centers, collaborating with established medical centers and sponsoring medical treatments.
  5. To promote moral conduct among African youths through awareness campaign and sensitization of youths on social vices such as pre-marital sex, rape, prostitution, child and human trafficking, drug trafficking, cultism and illegal migration.
  6. To promote youth development by organizing economic empowerment programmes in order to train and empower Youths to be self-sustaining and to aspire towards an economic sufficient future.
  7. To encourage youth education in respect to information technology, skill acquisition and moral conduct.
  8. To provide basic amenities such as food, clothes and shelter to less privileged families, especially to orphans, widows and widowers.
  9. To support and sponsor the treatment of cases of deformity, critical health challenges and to offer free HIV/ AIDS Screening and Treatment both to Children and Adults in rural and urban settings.
  10. To distribute free and subsidized articles and publications promoting life care among youths and adults in different aspects
  11. To provide relief services in refuge camps to afflicted children and families in crisis prone environments.
  12. To reconcile families in conflict, rehabilitate broken homes and communities, support and empower disadvantaged families and communities through the SAVE THE FAMILY PROJECT


  1. Agape Global Life Care Foundation organizes seminars and workshops in schools, market places, religious institutions and other public places in order to create moral conduct awareness, enlightenments on social factors and wealth creation.
  2. Agape Global Life Care Foundation carries out her aims and objectives through publishing and distribution of free and subsidized articles, pamphlets and books in secondary and tertiary institutions of learning.
  3. The Foundation also organizes and sponsors radio and television adverts and programmes, promoting life care services to the public.
  4. The foundation is also working to establish health care centers especially in rural places and shall also offer FREE and subsidized treatment to less privileged children and persons.
  5. Agape Global Life Care Foundation has also the vision of establishing orphanage homes where orphans and motherless babies shall be housed and taken care of.
  6. The Foundation has a vision of establishing Educational Institutions both for Children and youths. This shall include a Global Life Care Institute that will run courses on moral conducts and Life Care services.
  7. Agape Global Life Care Foundation works to promote the course of peace and social justice through religious and social institutions.
  8. There shall also be rehabilitation and counselling services for drug addicts, psychologically depressed and seemingly hopeless persons in the society, a team of professionals who may be volunteers, supporters or staff. Shall be employed to attend to them.
  9. The Life care programme is equally being extended to prisoners, refugees and marginalized persons in other countries of the world through volunteers and relief agencies;

10. Agape Global Life Care Foundations also advocates for the unjust, marginalized and defenceless persons in the society and is working to have forum of legal practitioners whose knowledge shall be employed for the well-being of others.


Providing Life Care to Humanity in service to God through Child Care, Youth and Women Empowerment and Family Development Programme.


  1. The organization’s source of Life Care is the provisions of the Almighty God through the founder and co- founder, friends and supporters and through organizations and agencies. God is therefore the Provider without whom Agape Global Life Care Foundation cannot exist.
  2. Agape Global Life Care Foundation is inspired in her life care services by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who offered His life in love (Agape) for mankind and who in His teachings commanded His followers to love and show love by feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, visiting prisoners, caring for the sick, clothing the naked and welcoming strangers into their homes (Jn. 10:10; Matt. 25:31-46).
  3. The Foundation emulates the footsteps of Mother Theresa of Calcutta who followed the footsteps of Christ by caring for the poorest of the poor in love.


SAVE THE FAMILY is a project under the family development programme of Agape Global Life Care Foundation (AGLICAF); A non-governmental organization Founded in 2008 with focus on providing Life Care to humanity through Family development and youth empowerment programme. Through SAVE THE FAMILY project campaign, the NGO wishes to actualize the following goals and objectives:

    1. Family Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Very many families today are on the verge of crashing while some others have crashed already. There is currently increasing rate of broken homes and families. ‘Save the Family project’ targets at offering counseling services and providing forums for alternative dispute resolution in order to keep Husband and wife, parents and children together in harmony.
    2. Family Rehabilitation: Family rehabilitation is a build up to family reconciliation. Families can be rehabilitated psychologically, medically, physically and also spiritually. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) and families who are currently suffering from the menace of terrorism and insecurity need to be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation goal of AGLICAF includes provision of free medical screening and test and treatments to families devastated by one health challenge or the other.
    3. Family Support: Considering the high level of economic hardship, it is obvious that many families presently lack such basic amenities as Food, Clothes and shelter. Our focus is on disadvantaged and less privileged families; families that cannot provide for themselves as a result of one disadvantage or the other; orphans, widows, etc. Families will be assisted with the following:
  • Food items: This includes; Rice, beans, Cassava, beverages, and condiment. Further in other to address the problem of malnutrition in families especially among children, AGLICAF targets to support families with basic nutritional food.
  • Wears (Both new and fairly used Clothes, shoes, bags for children and Adults).
  • Agro seed support: AGLICAF proposes to give an annual Agro seed support to rural farmers. Agricultural seeds like grains of different species, seeds for planting during planting season.

We believe that no matter how little or big, they will change the story of families and put smiles on their faces.

  1. Family empowerment: Through SAVE THE FAMILY Project AGLICAF will empower families with skills and economic support in order to become self- reliant and subsequently have the capacity to provide for themselves. Families will be provided with sowing Machines, Hair dryer, clippers, computers, motor cycle and tricycle.
  2. Family Health Care: AGLICAF’S SAVE THE FAMILY also aims at providing health care to families through food and nutrition programme to mitigate malnutrition among children. The project also includes free health screening and first aid treatment and medical treatment support for disadvantaged families.

On the short term, AGLICAF intends to reach out to about 1000 families between the year 2016 and 2017. However, the long term goal of SAVE THE FAMILY project is targeted at reaching out to one Million Nigerians over the next 5 years.


We believe that through the support from like-minded people our goals and objectives will be actualized. AGLICAF further seeks to partner with individuals, families, religious bodies, government agencies, business organizations, NGOs and other relevant agencies. We need the following materials /equipment to enable us achieve our goals.

  1. Cash Donations
  2. Food Items
  3. Empowerment items (computers, grinding machine, sewing machine, hair dryer, clippers)
  4. Training facilities
  5. Health screening equipment (blood screening and first aid)
  6. Operational equipment (Motorcycle, Cars, Buses, delivery trucks, office equipment)

AGLICAF has appointed Coordinators in the six geopolitical Zones and in few states. We are currently setting up offices to enable us actualize our goals. We are equally recruiting volunteers as counselors, health care agents. To become a Volunteer visit www.aglicaf.org